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Common refrigerator Issues

Refrigerant Leaks

If you have found a puddle under your fridge it is time to check the water supply lines that serve ice makers or water dispensers or clean the drain tube. The other reason might be as simple as a bad fridge alignment that causes water spilling from the pan under the fridge.Check the leakages frequently if not inform us and we will rectify it.

Fridge Making Noise

The volume of an operating refrigerator is a number one choosing factor for many homeowners, especially for those who live in small condos or apartments. Living on small square footage with a loud fridge can get on your nerves really quickly.Type of the noise your fridge makes can indicate a source of the problem due to a bad start relay

Cooling Problem

A fridge does not cool? Firstly, check the power supply. If a fridge is plugged and running but still does not cool, the issue might be dirty coils or condenser fan, which means you require a professional fridge maintenance. Cooling problem might cause due to low voltage in the power and it will contantly fluctuate if stablizer is not installed.

Proper Maintenance

If you allow filters and Refridgerators coils to become dirty, the refridgerators will not work properly, and the compressor or fans are likely to fail prematurely. Please ensure the stablizer is needed for your refridgerators or not as the voltage fluctautions causes major damage and expenses for resolving it. Proper maintainance should done.

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