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Common Water Heater Problems

Water Leakage

An electric water heater that’s leaking from the bottom is typically because of normal condensation,cold inlet or hot outlet pipes may be loose, a leaking electric heating element gasket, or a small amount of water being expelled through the overflow pipe because the T&P valve is opening to release excess pressure in the tank.

No Hot Water

Water in an electric water heater is heated by two heating elements (in most cases). The most common reason for absolutely no hot water is that the circuit breaker has tripped and you should first check the breaker box may also be an issue with the reset switch on the thermostat and due to the water being way too hot.

Water is Too Hot

Water hot is related to the thermostat(s) where the temperature is set too high. Simply gain access to the thermostat and adjust as needed. This may also be needed when transitioning from cold to warm seasons.If you cannot lower the water temperature low enough, you may need to replace your thermostat for sure.

Strange Noises

Hearing popping, hissing, banging, knocking, or other strange noises from your water heater, it’s most commonly due to scale build-up on your heating elements or too much sediment build-up in the bottom of the tank. Other causes of noises include a leak somewhere, too much pressure inside the tank on normal expanding.

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